Kalkan: Here Hemingway had intended written more books

Kalkan is a peaceful, picturesque Mediterranean fishing town situated on the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey between Fethiye and Kas. Inviting crystal clear waters for swimming, diving or snorkelling. With one of the excursion boats you may cruise to secluded bays, enjoy the day and come back at sunset. Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy the expanse of the Lycian trail. The approximately 500 kilometer trail above the coast, goes along the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. Relax and swim at the public beach of Kalkan and the stunning bay of Kaputas or drive over to Patara, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean which is just 20 minutes away. Before reaching the long, unspoilt sandy beach, pass through the remains of the ancient ruined city of Patara, with the oldest parliament building in the world. Visit the former home of St. Nicholas of Myra (now Demre), the well-preserved amphitheatrre and the ancient rock tombs. After a busy day stroll through the romantic streets in old city of Kalkan and and enjoy your dinner in one of the numerous restaurants. There are countless things you can do during your stay at the Lycian coast!

History of Kalkan

Located in the region between Antalya and Fethiye, where the Lycian civilisation existed more than 3000 years ago, was obviously not a place of settlement in antiquity. It is believed that Kalkan was settled by the merchants who came from the nearby island of Megistis about 150 to 200 years ago. Kalkan was a safe harbour for sailors troughout history. For this reason, it kept its reputation as a trading point for agricultural and forestry products coming from Elmali, Gömbe and Bezirgan regions. The merchandise which entered the harbour was transported to the inlands (Elmali, Xanthos) by camels. Kalkan was a harbour where the trading of materials such as coal, silk, olive oil, wine, cotton, grain, sesame, flour and grapes took place. In 1923, following the establishment of the republic of Turkey, some local people left Kalkan which resulted in a decrease in the local population. However, a steady flow of new inhabitants coming from surrounding villages, revitalised Kalkan. However, after the 1970's, with the opening of the Antalya Road, maritime trade came to an end. Following the development of tourism, which brought an abundance of foreign nationals, some of whom eventually settled in Kalkan, various new sectors and branches of commerce developed.

KalkanKalkan was an old Greek fishing town until the 1920's, with the name of "Kalamaki". The mosque of this town was once a church. The old part of the town extending towards the surrounding mountains, is a conservation area and called "Köyici". The districts of Kalamar are to the west, Kömürlük and Kisla is to the east while Kiziltas is to the north end of the town. At the beginning of the 20th century, Kalkan started to expand. According to a report from the year 1915, there were 17 retsaurants, one locksmith and a tailor's shop. First local elections were held in 1928 and the first elementary school was built in 1937. After the First World War and during the Turkish War of Independance, based on the Exchanged Agreement made between Turkey and Greece in 1921, all of the Greeks in town emigrated to Greece. In spite of all the transformations, the old traditions still exist. The local people in the mountain village of Bezirgan spend the summer months there and come down to Kalkan in the winter months.

Location and Transportation

Kalkan, located in the south-west of Turkey is a holiday town, expanding day by day. It is within the borders of Antalya, which is the most important tourist region of Turkey and very close to another holiday spot, Fethiye. Situated in the outskirts of the surrounding mountains, Kalkan is famous for its steep slopes, which offer unique panoramas from almost all points. The most common way to reach Kalkan is by road. The distance between Antalya, where the international airport is situated, and Kalkan is 214 kilometers. The city of Fethiye is closer being just 80 kilometers away and is a trading partner of Kalkan. The closest international airport is Dalaman. Due to the new highway and tunnel, Kalkan can be reached from Dalaman airport in one and a half hours. The new bus station, constructed in 2007, provides daily connections to Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Istanbul and also, more frequent daily trips are made to local places such as Kas and Patara. Other transport options include Dolmus mini busses, hiring a car and scooter or taking a taxi.